Palermo: Weekend of 1st May

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Palermo: Weekend of 1st May

On  the weekend of 1st May there’s nothing half better than to be in Palermo , to relax , have fun and eat healthy . From 1st to 3rd May you can be part of an international seminar of “Aikido”  , it’s a non violent  martial arts conducted  to boost our  self-knowledge and   also increase the ability of self control

This is an unbeatable offer!  reserve your booking on

promotion code : ‘aikido’. for more information visit the website  :

we’re situated in the inner city of palermo (between Politeama and Teatro Massimo) a few steps away from the bus stop to Palermo and Trapani airport , a strategic point to easily walk around the city on foot.

in the month of May Palermo  is splendid , sunny climate with a pleasant temperature , partially hot but not muggy, perfect take on the seafront orbetter still  take a day trip to the beach of Mondello, reachable with the public transit from the city

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