An educational trip to Palermo is a life changer

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An educational trip to Palermo is a life changer

Choosing Palermo for an educational trip changes the perspective of the world and enriches the cultural luggage of young travellers .
Palermo is a city with rich history , which over the centuries had been able to accomodate different cultures within it walls. This aspect can been observed with the diverse natures of Palermo and the artistic testimonies which outlines the Arabian art, byzantine and latin in a obious hybridization: the russian dome, the arabian towers, byzantine mosaics. This is why Palermo is a top candidate to be the Heritage of Unesco for its ‘Arab Normandy Course’, its the testimony of a distinct art in the world.
But there are many souls in Palermo: from the splendid baroque,unique in its style just as it could be seen at ‘The Pretoria Square’ with a fountain in its namesake created in the year 500’by a Florentine called Francesco Camilliani, its a spectaculare games of water and able to marvel the spectator who forsees the Baroque , the Chapel of Santa Cita ,Casa Professa,Quattro Canti.
Palermo is also among the european cities of Liberty and in the year 800’ hosted a Universal Exposition. the Liberty could found anywhere , from magnificent historical buildings in the street of Via Dante e via Liberta to the splendour of ‘’Teatro Massimo, notably the Ribaudo kiosk at the suqare of Teatro Massimo.
The culture of the city could be discovered in food, notably the street food,,known in every part of the world: the delicious stuffed rice balls, the fanciful Sicilian pizza high and soft with anchives, the swwet breads with flour and chickpea, the mouth watery croquette, notably bread with spleen, the trachea lung of a calf, brushed up with Lard and eat in a ‘Vastedda ( typical sicilian round bread sprinkled with sesame seed)

For your excursions in Palermo choose our receptive facilities ‘A Casa Di Amici’. we’re in the historic city centre few steps away from the Teatro Massimo and Tearto Politeama and also from the main line of all buses both urban and extraurban

We will help you create an ideal turistic course and we will assure you a perfect stay in a young environment , fresh and hosting other many youngs ones from all over Europe

We ‘A Casa Di Amici ‘ every week organizes the ‘ Drum Circle where a group of complete strangers learn how to paly the Tamburine by the help of an expert moderator. learning how to play the tamburine helps to express better our sentiments and also increases our ability of selfcontrol and coordination in order to communicate together with the others. Its possible to attain a collective rhytm by knowing oneself and one’s duty , just listening to the sound of others and tuning in line with them based on simple rules

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