What is a Drum Circle?


Drum Circle was created in the United States of America by the merit of Arthur Hull , who dedicates his life to define techniques and instruments in order to make rhythm accessible to all kinds of people .

Drum Circle has itss task of facilitating integration between different communities , it could be used and served in any context , from pure entertainment to therapies and rehabilitation programs ( such as alcoholism , handicapping , therapy to prevent social discomfort , bullying)

also for managerial courses ( a method employed by big companies such us Toyota , Apple , Google , Mercedes Benz etc )

Based on this discipline , music is known for the fundamental role it plays on the body and mind of humans and its capability of establishing a contact with one’s internal harmony and inner being .

What’s the purpose of Drum Circle ?

Drum circle can be defined as the free expression of every individual , each and everyone adds to the group what one has to offer and in the mean time the conductor ”directs without teaching the rules in order to become a group , to listen , share energy and improve the fluidity of the mind .

The participants will be in a circular form and everyone will be given a drum and an instrument.

If you want to try this experience , every month Claudia e Santo organize the Drum Circle at ”La Bottega Delle Percussioni ”( School Academy of Music and Drumming ) close to the Botanical Gardens known as ”Orto Botanico ” on Via Cortile Del Fosso , 7 Palermo.

Contribution : 7,00 € per person

Duration : 1 hour 

Upcoming events:

4 December > https://www.facebook.com/events/1746994632290107/
15 January > https://www.facebook.com/events/738973152938613/
12 February > https://www.facebook.com/events/1169566163093018/
12 March > https://www.facebook.com/events/1186865871349419/
9 April > https://www.facebook.com/events/1732817190373144/

Are you a group , a company , students , write to us to have more information at info@acasadiamici.com or visit www.drumcircle.it


Our teacher Santo also makes our beautiful drums, often with recycled materials.

He is a natural artist and philosopher and expresses himself through music and making drums and art. His passion is A CASA DI AMICI

Drum Circle con Santo Vitale

RAP™ con Arthur Hull

Drum Circle con Massimo Carrano