Creative holidays with a ‘’Drum Rest’’

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Creative holidays with a ‘’Drum Rest’’

Promotion: 15 hour, 150 euro for person

In Palermo ‘’The  Drum rest’’ is our proposal of a creative holiday, its aimed at both independents or groups who are  eager to discover the city through drum lessons .

Playing drums together helps a lot to create healthy relationships with oneself and as well with others. It would be a unique experience for everyone thanks to the power of music and  to the capabilities of an expert music director in the person of  Santo Vitale . This is how the drum rest is  conducted: a unified circle is formed by all the participants  (drum circle) and everybody learns how to play the drum all together which makes it able to reach a collective harmony. The drum rest without doubts will be an enthusiastic way of spending your Holidays ! For more information write to

This promotion offers a 15 hour one week course and the participants must be atleast three.

in addition to playing at ‘’La bottega delle percussioni’’ which is situated opposite The famous Botanical Gardens , we willl all together go for a stroll in the city tasting all the streets food and also discovering all the curiosities about Palermo. The participation cost is 150euro for  person.

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