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Liberty In Palermo

Are you staying with us at our Hostel and Guest-House on Via Dante? then you are already in the heart of Palermo Liberty!

The liberty in Palermo is found everywhere, from the magnificent historic buildings especially on via Dante and via Freedom to the splendor of the theater Massimo and the particularity of the theaters kiosk in Ribaudo Piazza.

Around 800 BC, Palermo, like many European cities was developing the beauty of art nouveau as a symbol of a rising middle class. The concept of Liberty is gloriously represented with the interior of the Teatro Massimo  through the work of Ernesto Basile who oversaw the progress from 1891, and in the magnificent hall of Villa Igiea frescoed by Ettore De Maria Bergler in an explosion of young girls in flower between irises, poppies and pomegranates. Charming cottage Florio also designed by Ernesto Basile is now home to Assessorato Region Tourism in seaside resorts in Mondello.

These are just a few examples of wonderful discoveries to be made.

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