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Palermo Tour

I’ts true, when you come to Palermo city central you may forget that you are in Europe.
The people are loud and lively, there is the scent of good food on the street, lots of colors, sun in the sky, mountains and beaches, music on the street and helpful enthusiastic local people.

ENJOY YOUR TIME…. Cu’ voli puisia venga ‘n Sicilia
A bus is not necessary to visit the city center, the most interesting thing to do is loose your way in the small romantic streets of our historic city. We have an excellent guide map designed by Claudia Vitale that illustrates the most important points of interest in the city.

Spend some time at our wonderful local markets, enjoy some great Sicilian street food, listen to traditional music and take a little time to enjoy our city center and learn a little of our local languages.

As Sicilians we speak Italian but we also speak a local dialect separate from Italian and I will be adding a short message in our dialect, Siciliano, in several places as it is really significant and essential not to miss this very interesting part of our culture.

Come and fall in love with the magic of Palermo…. 😉

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