Santa Rosalia

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Santa Rosalia

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How about you  come and discover the traditions of Palermo during the most important events of the city ? We’re talking about the  Feast of Saint Rosalia ( U Fistinu) , Patron of the city which is going to be held from 11 to 15th of July which started long ago in the year 1624, a notable  day which the  said Saint saved the city from a plague   overthrowing the Four Saints that were in charge and also depriving them of their authorities.. On the evening of  14 July  the religious procession of the Saint Rosalia in her triumphant cart  begins  from ‘’Palazzo Reale’’ ( Royal Palace  of Palermo), through the streets of the antique ‘Cassaro’( the main street of Vittorio Emmanuele) to the sea water, but before stops in between the Cathedral and Quattro Canti, at this point the Mayor of the city steps up into the cart and lays down flowers under the feet of the Saint whiles shouting these words: “Long live Palermo Long live Saint Rosalia”. The procession finally arrives at  The Foro Italico ( a lawn along the seafront)  where  spectacular fire works begins. We’re waiting for you from the 11th to the 18th of July , book your room on our site promo code: santarosalia to attain a 5% reduction. Unmissable and a magical event!


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