The Cooking of Palermo: a journey in taste

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The Cooking of Palermo: a journey in taste

Walking through the streets of downtown you will find historical markets, the beautiful squares, many restaurants, trattorias, street food stalls, and bakeries.

In Palermo there are plenty of choices for Good Eats!

But there is a special place you absolutely must try. We suggest a friend’s Trattoria, “Antica Trattoria del Monsu” which is only steps away from our Bed & Breakfast and theater Massimo. What to ask for? Arancine, delicious fried balls of rice stuffed with either a ragu meat sauce or “con burro” which is actually mozzarella and italian ham.. or fragrant chickpea fritters, potato croquettes, meatballs and potatos fried to perfection, caponata made of eggplant with tomato and olives, or a real local favorite of pasta with sardines and local wild fennel. Or you might wish to be a little more adventurous and try the really Sicilian meat rolls, peppered mussels, or spaghetti with squid ink or  sea urchin.

If you are thinking of starting a diet, probably better after this vacation in Palermo!

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