The Natural Reserve “Grotta Molara”

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The Natural Reserve “Grotta Molara”

The Natural Reserve “Grotta Molara” is managed by Ecological Research Groups (GRE) and represents one of the most interesting natural features of western Sicily, as this Cave embodies aspects of high scientific and historical value.
A veritable treasure chest containing paleontological and archaeological evidence as well as numerous peculiarities of fauna (bats and cave-dwelling invertebrates)
The Natural Reserve “Grotta della Molara”, extended about 40 hectares, includes three caves: Molara, Spirits and Pitrazzi and is located on the western outskirts of Palermo, near Cruillas and lies at the foot of the Billiemi mountain range. The vastness of the environments, the beauty and size of stalactites and stalagmites and other footsteps that can be ten meters, make this cave a real unique jewel of nature.

The entrance to the main cave, located at an altitude of about 85-90 m., Is detectable from a distance as access to a large shelter of about five hundred square meters. used in the past as a shelter for animals, as well as, during the last world war, by many families who sought refuge here to defend themselves from the bombing.
As a whole, the cave of Molara has a spectacular landscape, a forest of sharp rocks, ribbed, corroded. On the walls of the cave, more external, are tunnels of mollusks and swing grooves left by the marine waters in the interglacial ages. The environment inside a cavern of a hundred meters long, contains large deposits antropozoico rich phenomena concretionary among the most beautiful of Sicily, with columns of ten meters.
The research biospeologiche have outlined a particular interest in wildlife, both for the animal species already found and determined, and because their number is expected to grow with the eventual development of the research.
The Reserve also lends itself to pleasant nature walks where you can admire the vast karst landscape epigeo together birdlife and the typical Mediterranean vegetation.

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