The Pastries of Palermo: a sweet unique pleasure

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The Pastries of Palermo: a sweet unique pleasure

Did you know that in Palermo you will find some of the most delicious sweets in the world? The delicious cannoli, magnificent cassata, the tasty setteveli and buccellati, and many more wonderful creations!

To taste these traditional delicacies with ricotta, almond, and candied marzipan, just choose one of the many bakeries in the city, each has its own specialty to surprise any palate.

In Palermo there are also different pastries for all periods of the year and in conjunction with major holidays. Saint Lucia for example has the kennel, traditional cake with cooked wheat, you can find the taste of cheese, chocolate or simply with boiled corn and olive oil.

The sfince of St. Joseph are for Father’s Day, it is an experience not to be missed! They are made with ricotta, pumpkin, cherries and candied orange peel. In summer there is the unique melon jelly made with the juice of fresh watermelon and the pumpkin.

From the neighborhood of theater Massimo and theater Politeama and our cozy Bed & Breakfast and our Hostel  and Guest House you can delve into the sweetness of Palermo!

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