World Festival on the Beach Palermo 20-27 giugno

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World Festival on the Beach Palermo 20-27 giugno

Valid offer : from 20th to 27th of June

discount : 10 %

discount code : mondello

Summer, fun, holidays , open sports, you can find all these in Palermo ! Dont miss the opportunity  to experience the ‘’World Festival on the Beah, a sport manifestationin existence for almost thirty years now and it will be held at Mondello , attracting all lovers of the sea from all over  the world .This manifestation is a point of reference for spirited athletes and it will include participants  from the European Open Windsurf championship and the Youth Delta Olympic Class RSX. There will be participants from the 10 Olympic classes of Vela who will also take part in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro.

Together with this magnificent manifestation it will also be possible to  participate in the ‘’ Underwater Memories -Feelings in art dimension. this is a moment dedicated   to the art of  sub-acqua Photography . Suggestive professional sub-acqua pictures would be realized and taken, destined to singles , couples, groups and families. We’re talking about the best souvenir you could get as a gift from Palermo . Find more!services/cmpx

Take advantage of our offer to reserve your room from the 20th to 27th of June with a 10% discount , just insert the code mondello in your reservation.

With us you are assured to experience unforgettable  moment 😉

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