Capo, Teatro Massimo, Politeama, Vucciria: An unforgettable day!

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Capo, Teatro Massimo, Politeama, Vucciria: An unforgettable day!

We are located in the Central Historical District of Palermo, a neighborhood rich in history and culture and if you find yourself in Palermo, here are a few suggestions to have an unforgettable day. It can begin with traditional Sicilian sweets and espresso for breakfast then a walk through the Capo neighborhood and market just behind Theatro Massimo. There are many historical buildings, churches, and traditional shops and eateries in the area as well and many possibilities for a great lunch also. Local restaurants offer a little something for everyone and it is easy to find favorite traditional dishes of fish, meat and veggies. After lunch a visit to the beautiful Theatro Massimo is a wonderful way to spend the afternoon and if you are staying with us at the B&B, it is easy to sneak in a nap.

The walk continues on Via Maqueda heading toward Via della Libertà, another great area in Palermo for shopping. You will pass the beautiful theater Politeama and once in Piazza Castelnuovo you can decide whether to continue on and admire the Art Nouveau buildings along Via della Libertà or turn onto Via Dante home of our Hostel and Guest House.

After your days adventure, a simple turn on to Via Roma will take you to The Vucciria, an ancient Sicilian market more alive now than ever with lots of music, bars, restaurants, vendor stalls, and traditional Palermatani street food. The activity at The Vucciria continues into the early morning hours and here there really is something for everyone! Go, have some fun.. and come back and tell us all about it!

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