Expositions: ‘’Botero a Palermo, ‘Via Crucis La Pasion De Cristo’’

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Expositions: ‘’Botero a Palermo, ‘Via Crucis La Pasion De Cristo’’

The only Italian phase at Palermo , untill 21st of June , halls of Duca di Montalto, Palazzo Reale

After New York, Medellin, Lisbon and Panama ‘’ Via Crucis La Pasion de Cristo ‘’ the display of the great artist Fernando Botero is hoted in the halls of ‘Duca di Montalto at the Royal Palace from 21st of March to 21st of June 2015, Its by far the only exposition to be displayed in the whole landmark of Italy. its a big oaccasion for the city of Palermo to value our art and culture. The exposition , promoted by Sicilian Regional Assembly , from the Fund of Federico II (both institutions are beign presidented by Giovanni Ardizzone ) and from the Colombian Museum of Antioquia ( owner of the shows after being donated to him by the Author), it exhibits 27 oil paintings and 17 drawing sketches of the known artist. His masterpieces are always recognizable due to his plentiful sketches of great personalities and his volumetric choices that puts the charateristics on a top level. Botero in ‘’ Via Crucis La pasion de Cristo’’ shows us a Human Christ who exceeded personal sufferings through collective pains, it leaves an emotional effect on the audience. Botero is inspired by renowned Italian artists such as Masaccio, Pinturicchio, Michelangelo for both their volumetric shapes and their mystic choices of colors . The above renowned Italian painters had their works mixed with reality in the everyday life with history and any of the said artistwhenever they had their paintings based on rich themes they did it with perfection. In the Passion Of Christ great personalities are included simultaneously from the Latin-American reality and a self potrait from ‘Bacio Di Guida’. ‘’ Via Crucis .

La Pasion de Cristo was an enormous success form the on go , and in fact the displaying times has been extended for the public, for more information visit the website http://www.boteroapalermo.it/

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