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From The Grand tour to artistic residences

“Italy and Sicily were  the obvious To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is to not have seen Italy at all, for Sicily is the clue to everything.” ( Goethe, Italian Journey, Palermo.)

The Grand Tour was fundamental in its wide-spreading correlation , beginning from the late 600, which promoted interest in the cultural formation of  all the youngsters in the european society most significantly The English ,The French and the Germans.

The Grand Tour espression seemed to have been the leading apperance in Richard Lassels ‘’An Italian Voyage ‘’  edited in 1968.

The journey of formation came to a halt during the French War Revolutions and the Napoleonic Age in order restart The Post Revolutionary nevertherless not having any clue abouth the popularity  of the previous century ,  Johann Wolfgang Goethe also fulfilled the Grand Tour in Italy between the year 1786   and 1788  and he left behind a testimony of his experience in ‘’The Italian Journey ‘’, which describes both  the journey and impressions of an artist.

Goethe case is not isolatlandmarks to initiate a formal culture among nobles in europe and aspiring artists who were studying the antique and the glorious art of italy.

The testimonies gathered from travelling europe    were kept alive in paintings – Souvenir which were puposely mandated to enrich beautiful abodes in abroad and  establish a fundamental experience.

it was exactly Goethe who left us with the bests comments on our landmark during his  Grand Tour ‘’  a Palermo .. ‘’ Words  cannot decribe the wispy  luminosity flowing around the the Coastals when we arrived in Palermo.The pureness of the outlines , the sweetness of its togetherness,the downgrade of it tones,the harmony of the sky, the sea and the land. See it for one time and it becomes a lifetime memory’’

Palermo today is just like yesterday ,its a fundamental landmark for foreign travelers and for artists looking for inspiration for their works.

We at ‘A Casa di amici’ are renewing this bond between artists and the territory with a project ‘ residence of the artist’ which will allow all creative artists from all over the world to come to Palermo  to create an endeavour which will refelct the the beauty of the city .

It will be our priority to host them in our facility ‘A Casa Di Amici’ and guide  them through the beautiful routes of the city.

this project takes off soon

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