The Arab-Norman path, a uniqueness all Palermitano

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The Arab-Norman path, a uniqueness all Palermitano

Starting between theater Massimo and theater Politeama in the neighborhood of our cozy Bed & Breakfast  and our Guest House we discover a history uniquely Palermitano, the Arab-Norman path.

The Normans arrived in Sicily in the eleventh century and managed to create a place in Palermo’s unique cultural syncretism. They were able to mix vastly different ethnic groups while maintaining respect for the language, customs and traditions of each.

Arabs remained in the district of Kalsa and were responsible for trade; Latinos occupied areas of the Albergheria and Greeks settled around the Cathedral.

This cultural mix of Palermo is also reflected in the artistic works that fuse the art of the Arab, Byzantine and Latin in a Metissage peculiar, the Arabian red domes and towers, and Byzantine mosaics.

The Arab-Norman path is a candidate to become a World Heritage Site and to see this historical cultural mix you must visit Palermo!

Beautiful examples of this Arab-Norman art in Palermo are the Cathedral, Norman Palace, the Martorana church, the Magione church, the church of San Cataldo, Cuba, the Zisa, the cathedral of Monreale, and the Qanat. See you there!


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