The Genius of Palermo

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The Genius of Palermo

Palermo, a city rich in history and unique in all the world shows us among it many statues, a strange character known as, The Genius.

The Genius is a bearded figure with the body of young man wearing a crown and holding a snake clinging to his chest. In the city there are eight known representations of the ancient pagan deity  in reliefs, statues, a mosaic in the Norman Palace and in a fresco in the Palazzo Isnello. The most famous statues of the genius of Palermo are at the Praetorian Palace Square in Garaffello, in Revolution Square and at Villa Giulia. The statue of the “evil genius” at the Praetorian Palace is accompanied by the inscription, “Panormus hollow golden suos devorat alienos nutrit” (Palermo Conca d’Oro devours and feeds on foreigners). One of the most famous interpretations considers Palermo a benevolent place in regards to foreigners in particular with the merchants and rather thankless with their children forced to emigrate in search of better luck.

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