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Vucciria: tradition, nightlife, art

Easily accessible from our hostel and just steps from Via Roma and Teatro Massimo, “The Vucciria” is  home to an important market of the city by day, but it is also one of the busiest squares of nightlife that exists in Palermo.

Wander in the morning through the dense network of narrow streets and squares to discover the scents, colors and delights of the historic Vucciria market. This is a walk that will allow you to find any ingredient in the cuisine of Palermo, enjoy one of the many specialties in local street food, and experience the beautiful fountain Garraffello.

Spend some time during the late afternoon or early evening and become acquainted with the alternative style of the many small taverns where you can drink and of course eat at very affordable prices.

But enter the Vucciria at night and you are in for a wild ride! Dance, eat, drink, and have fun with the really diverse ideas, genres, music, and people you will find here. Sicilian folk, jazz, techno, disco, blues and more can be heard coming from dozens of quaint local joints as you stroll through this Palermo hot spot. And you will meet locals from every neighborhood in the city and tourists from all over the world. The Vucciria is a charming and lively place that should be experienced!

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