A casa di Amici… esperienze online


A casa di Amici, pioneer of experiential tourism, supports the travelers with an online experience.

Is it possible traveling from home?

If I close my eyes I can imagine landscapes, hills, beaches, castles and i can move myself in the place where I would like to be.

If I close my eyes I can go deep inside myself looking for my “Self”.

What is the Self?

The Self is that little man, who lives inside you, do you know him?

Your face looks like doubtful, So, welcome aboard!

A casa di Amici… in online platform.

Goal of the trip:
having fun, meeting people, reactivating energy, building musical instruments, playing, talking..

Suitcase organization:
pc, earphones, connection to internet, water, a blanket, a yoga mat, a pillow, notepad, a pen, a wooden spoon, a small empty glass bottle, a pot, an empty plastic jar, a handful of lentils, a handful of chickpeas or beans, bottle metal caps.

Travel rules:
around 3 hours of meeting. It is forbidden to use phone. It is necessary to be in a quiet place, please inform your tenants that you are going on vacation!

Francesco, Santo and Davide

Number of participants:
Maximum 10 people (in a school group case, it will be divided in 2 groups)

2 alternating meetings of 3 hours

At the end of the 2nd day all the participants will be connected in a single chat to tell own experience …..

Have a nice trip 🙂