African Dance Workshop with Fatoumata Camara

#African Dance Workshop whit Fatoumata Camara

Fataumata Camara was born in Conakry, Guinea, in 1981 by a family who has art in the blood.

The mother has an important name, Kouyate, a great family of traditional African musicians, while her father is chosen by Sekou Toure during the “Cultural Revolution” of the 1960s and brought by Mamou to Conakry to form the Ensemble Instrumental de Guinèe, a historical formation with which he will cross the globe to be the ambassador of his nation’s art.

Fatoumata’s artistic training takes place between the walls of the house, in the traditional festivals and in the Ballet de Matam and is followed by Konkasere, also its great representative of the cultural tradition of Guinea, under the artistic direction of Papa Sekouba Camara.

Of great importance in refining his dance technique, over the years he has lived in Conakry, his older brother Mamadou Djan Camara, a percussionist and dancer who lives and teaches in France and his younger brother Sana who played among the many experiences of Les Ballets Africain and Les Ballet Soleil D’Afrique and currently resides in Brussels.

The other brother Alseny is a famous producer and sculptor of African music instruments. Back in Guinea, her teacher was Bijoux, first dancer of Les Ballets Africains.

For twelve years in Italy, she has worked as a dancer with the African group Les Tambours D’Harmattan, attending countless cultural events and concerts. She is currently engaged in African Afro-Fitness and Dance teaching at various sports centers in the Iblea Province.

She also participated in numerous dance and fitness meetings such as Hurricane 2010 and 2011, Lipari Happy Island, Ustica Dreams, in collaboration with artists such as Peppe Ranzani, Davide Peri and others.

She has recently worked with the Wadada association of Rome, along with his brothers Sana Camara and Mamadou Dian Camara. Fatou is a constantly evolving artist, always looking for the beauty and preservation of ancient values, always trying to convey “Western daily life” through the attention and care of the other.

We will study the various steps, move in the space to internalize them and make them their own to create small choreographies. A space will also be devoted to singing. Contribution: The Drum

#Info and Dates

Sunday November 26 from 15:30 to 18:30

Circle is offered at € 10.00 for adults, € 5.00 for children under 13


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