Art is everywhere you want to see it and feel it

The expression “Art is everywhere you want to see it and feel it” is alive in our heart.

Fall in love with art in all its expressions! The Vitale brothers have built a place where art become an socializing instrument.

How? You will wonder.

We use to spend Tuesday night on social musical or artistic dinner, as planned on our events calendar.

After a spaghetti dinner we gather around a canvas or music instruments to leave a mark in your hearts and in our walls.
Can a group of strangers paint a canvas even if there are not painters among them? Or can it create an orchestra even if there are not musicians?
Yes! It is possible. The only instrument you need is the ability to get in the game and break down barriers.

Inside the facility, beside showing your paints, you will find the musical instruments collection, hand made by Santo.
A wonderful heritage that will catch entirely your attention, becoming users of a contemporary exhibition.

Do not limit yourself to observation but let yourself be carried away by their soul.

Beside the painting and drum circle nights you will be able to join the musical instruments craft lab or buy them.

Santo Vitale, our artist and co-founder of the concept hostel, will carry you into a direct experience of contact with our art.

The musical instruments craft lab takes place at the cultural association “La bottega delle percussioni”.