Let’s save the Earth with the Rhythm

We are all aware of what is happening in the world with waste, man has been able to create the “Sixth Continent”, a plastic land in the Pacific Ocean.
The glaciers are melting, the risks to the environment, animals and man are now big, the earth seeks our help and intervention, we play for her!
We will provide all the people with a guide to waste disposal in Italian and English and we will pay attention to some objects that will be processed and transformed into musical instruments.
The aim of the project is to educate the individual to separate waste collection and to put his creative, artistic and musical skills into practice.

Recipients: group of maximum 25 people.

Duration: 10 hours to be organized according to the needs of the group.

It is necessary during the subscription phase to have the email address of the group leader to be able to send the guide for waste disposal and activate the collection.

The workshop takes place in 3 phases.

Phase I: Project presentation and Drum Circle activities.
No. 1 meetings, for a durationof 2 hours.
Teamwork, trust and rapprochement will be carried out using the Drum Circle technique, reflections and illustration of the waste disposal guide and research into the materials that will be used for the construction of the instruments.

Stage II: Construction of musical instruments

2 meetings, for a total of 6 hours (on the same day or to be subdivided)
The participants, divided into working groups and coordinated, will build some musical instruments inspired by cultures of non-European countries such as Africa, South America, Trinidad, using poor or recovery materials. They will have thus had the opportunity to reflect, putting them into practice in the construction, on some basic principles of acoustic physics thanks to which it is possible to produce separate sounds for each other.
Stamp, height, duration. They will build instruments such as shakers and maracas of various types, ocean drums, “tubes”, using wood, PVC pipes, pots, pans, bottle caps, plastic containers and bottles, etc.

Stage III: Music literacy workshop and Creation of a piece.

No. 1 meetings, for a total of 2 hours.

In this phase, the participants gathered in a group in a large orchestra arrangement and directed by the facilitator will be ready to create their first piece of music using the instruments they have created.


The main objective of the project is to strengthen friendships, create a team, put together  individual artistic talents and technique on the field in order to share with anyone who has no idea on where to start from.

It's a responsible game starting with the knowledge of the material, the recycle, all the way to the utilization of it in beautiful terms to be derived from it.

We are an Eco Hostel so we love save our gurbish to work fo the project.

The project is a cooperation between “A casa di Amici srl” and “Associazione Culturale Accademia La bottega delle percussioni”.