Artist’s residence – Carlo Gori

This November just ended gave us a special and very interesting restyling!

We had the pleasure of having among our guests Carlo Gori, “multidisciplinary artist and curator” as he defines himself.

At A Casa di Amici we love that various artists literally leave their “mark”.

Sometimes it is the inhabitants of the hostel themselves who try their hand at painting, sometimes improvised musicians painters, some other simple travelers who did not think they had any talent and discover it here, others precisely artists by trade, who give us their personal expression on canvas.

Who is Carlo Gori:

Italian, from Novara adopted by Japan, which he chose as his second home after 25 years in Rome.

In this city, Carlo is engaged in territorial redevelopment projects, which “… all have a common denominator, that of taking place in the Roman suburbs and of believing that art can strongly contribute, from below, to restore centrality, dignity and motivation to people and their territories … ”


What is the Artist’s Residence in A casa di Amici:

For us it is a playful way to give beauty to our place, characterizing it with unique pieces, as we already do with the collection of musical instruments of Santo Vitale … the “homemade” artist.


In fact, there is not only painting in the artist’s residence, but also:

– music: Elena Sofia

– street art: Stefan Mijic


Carlo Gori has already experienced this travel / work formula in Italy, Denmark, England and Japan… now he has stopped in Sicily to leave us “La Danza dei Viaggiatori”.

It is very easy to get carried away by the rhythm when you are here. There is always a musician who brings us his music, willingly sharing it with all the inhabitants of the House.

Carlo Gori was also in our shoes, in fact he became a promoter of artist residences in Japan, with the patronage of the Italian Cultural Institute in Osaka.


Hosting and being hosted, a circle of exchange that we hope does not end here. When we sow kindness, we paint joy and happiness and we relate to each other on a human level, the most beautiful and exceptional experiences are born.

We believe in it and continue to carry this philosophy forward, do you?


Do you want to know something else about the artist’s residence?

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