Bianca came to us in the month of May, exchanging a stay for a painting “that represented the beauty of the women of her land”.

Bianca’s art is characterized by female figures with typical and marked features, warm colors and colorful fruit. She painted in our ZEN room, dedicated to artists and to the relax of guests. She also took advantage of her free time to visit the city and Cefalù.

We also took her with us on a crazy adventure of “Esperienze da ManuAle” to the Andromeda Theater, a wonderful stone building in the Sicilian hinterland. We did not miss a walk among the spring flowers of the nearby lake and a nice dinner in a restaurant. In this way we got to know her and her artistic career better. We also exchanged comfortable women’s chats about dreams, expectations and travel and sang in the car on the way back.

Here are her impressions of Sicily and the hostel experience:

“Painted during the artist residency in Palermo. Sicily is a gold mine of references, and among so many things, I chose an element that is very present in the local aesthetic (and which also matches the aesthetic of my work): the Sicilian lemon. You’ll find lemons everywhere here… in food, ornaments, fabrics. I like using citric palettes, so I loved it. I really hope to come back here one day with more time, and be able to immerse myself in the Sicilian culture. 🍋🍋🍋”

Click here to see the progress of her paint:

Come back soon to visit us!