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The via ‘’ Francigena’’ of Sicily

All you need to know about the Association’’ Amici Dei Cammini Francigeni Di Sicilia’’ and how  to participate in the walks of Sicily.

‘’Wasn't the Via Francigena located in the Tuscany ?

‘’Vie Francigene ? is it similar to ‘The Walk of Santiago’ (il Cammino Di Santiago) ?

Is it the type of walk that involves the experience of boar celebrations ?

Well these are the common phrases we  hear everytime we move around Sicily trying to  talk about  ‘’Via Francigena’’ and explain the importance of this project, birthed by a group of friends who shared together a similar scouting experience, the passion for the Cammino Santiago and the Via Francigena, the desire to walk on  home soil  and the willingness to rediscover the buried 700 years of story.

We’re a small ONLUS association of walkers, studious and researchers founded in 2009 based on the  spirit of sharing after  series of walks in Italy and abroad, we pawn ourselves to retrace and travel through the historical routes of Sicily in bikes, on foot, or on donkeys if you own one. This system has been existence for centuries and has been walked on by Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Muslims and Normandy Knights.

These are the latest additions  to follow up the Normandy Gran Conte Ruggiero in 1060, to regain control of the saracenic ‘’Siqilliyya’’ reinstating the christian cult, edifying abbeys, monasteries, church-forts thus and introducing european culture in the south of Sicily, songs of poets, heroic achievements of paladins that are still known to date.

They’re based in palermo and Messina and control all the territory dividing it into churches. thanks to the real precisional cross outs we have, it’s recorded  the mention of ‘’Viam Francigenam’’ also for Sicily.

The ‘’SiculiViandanti’’, or better still our partners re-track traces of this system of the ‘’Via’’ that has  permitted the free and easy movement in our region through the plains and valleys towards the embarkation of Italy, Europe or ‘’La Terra Santa’’.

Confronting informations, observing the traces on the land with the presence of archeologists and architects, we try to walk on these paths respecting history and the past and at the same time  very attentive to avoid as much as possible asphalt routes.

We were more than able to create a point of system of routes that are union points for the Francigena Routes

  • The via connecting Palermo to Agrigento known as ‘’Magna Via Francigena.
  • The Via from Palermo that  goes to Messina (lungo le Madonie) and Nebrodi  known as ‘’Via Francigena le Montagne’’  and her most antique  sister who traveled ‘’La Marina’’, through the Northern Coast which today is impossible to reach on foot.
  • The via from Agrigento (lungo la greca selinuntina) which goes all the way to Mazara dello Vallo and  from there climb towards

Marsala then connects  the direction to Palermo and this is known as ‘’Via Francigena Mazarense:

  • The via that connects Agrigento to Gela (lungo la selinuntina)  and from there points towards Lentini and to reclimb the The Simeto Valley, The mount Etna and finally arrive to the abbey of Maniace in Randazzo. And this is known as ‘’Francigena Fabaria’’

It’s a system with over 900 km traceable and secondary routes which makes it possible to walk in places  mostly far and untouristy yet rich with traditions, culture, good food, great friendly smiles where  reception is guaranteed either  by conventional facilities or communal accommodations setup  for ‘’Pilgrims’’.

Sleeping bags, mattresses, walking sticks, essential light backpacks, cushy shoes and water-resistant, a credential with the walking stamps and a light heart. Little is needed to walk a long dream.

Contacts for more info and curiosity :

Davide Comunale, 392.4531430 –referente ricerca, cartografia e mappatura

Irene Marraffa, 329.6214959 – referente accoglienza e alloggi

Gregorio Chiarenza, 335.6318247 – referente cammini e guida.


Fb: @Cammini Francigeni di Sicilia

Wikiloc: @CamminiFrancigeniSicilia