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Le vie dei tesori

October is the best month to visit Palermo, do you know why? Because for 14 years the “Le vie dei Tesori” event has changed Palermo, opening places that are usually closed, telling stories about culture, art and history in an innovative way … experiences, walks, events, in short, you just have to read the program […]

How to spend time with ourselves

How to spend time with ourselves Dear friends, in this period for most of us the days have become long, being used to the frenetic rhythms that we generally conduct and that often lead us to neglect our passions, our hobbies, sport and everything we do to dispose of stress or simply relaxes us, it […]

Life without music is not life

“Life without music is not life” cit. Friedrich Nietzsche Since we really believe in it, we would like that your moments of greater carefree, on vacation, you could live them with the company of music. “A casa di Amici” is focused on the theme of music, we have a collection of 180 musical instruments, which […]

The gardens of Palermo

Palermo is not only made up of churches and theaters but also has beautiful gardens. Once I took my nephew to the Villa which is called the “English garden” and he said to me: “Aunt but, in this Villa we going to, do we have to speak in English? ” In short, humor never fails! […]

The means of transport

As you all know in Palermo there is an underground city. Think that from the church of Santa Caterina to the 4 corners there is a door that led the cloistered nuns to go to listen to the mass at the Martorana church and so many paths including those of the Blessed Paoli. Obviously not […]

The air of Palermo

As you know, our staff is a united group and in addition to working together we are also friends. So I dedicate this post to Alessandra to talk to you about the air of Palermo. Once we were around the streets at night, on returning from the Blue Tavern and she said to me: can […]

Day trip: The Zingaro Reserve

If you want to swim in the sea and don’t know where to go, the Zingaro Reserve is the ideal place! At least once a year we all go for a walk in the reserve, on climbs and descents framed by a flowery Mediterranean scrub. Special orchid, dwarf palm that was used to build baskets […]

The Cloister’s Secrets

In the heart of Palermo between the fountain of shame and the red-domed church of San Cataldo stands the monastery of Santa Caterina. The history of the nuns who lived there and the desserts prepared by them is famous throughout the city, so much so that the church in front of the monastery directly took […]

Almond Blossom Express

We all saw Harry Potter take the train from 9 and three quarters track to go to the School of Magic and Witchcraft of Hogwarts … and I can say with certainty that the surreal experience is more or less the same! From the normal Palermo Central station to a very normal track, a MAGIC […]