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Day trip: The Zingaro Reserve

If you want to swim in the sea and don’t know where to go, the Zingaro Reserve is the ideal place! At least once a year we all go for a walk in the reserve, on climbs and descents framed by a flowery Mediterranean scrub. Special orchid, dwarf palm that was used to build baskets […]

The Cloister’s Secrets

In the heart of Palermo between the fountain of shame and the red-domed church of San Cataldo stands the monastery of Santa Caterina. The history of the nuns who lived there and the desserts prepared by them is famous throughout the city, so much so that the church in front of the monastery directly took […]

Almond Blossom Express

We all saw Harry Potter take the train from 9 and three quarters track to go to the School of Magic and Witchcraft of Hogwarts … and I can say with certainty that the surreal experience is more or less the same! From the normal Palermo Central station to a very normal track, a MAGIC […]

Tamburine is voice

A strip of wood folded and shaped by the skilled hands of the craftsman. Perforated with care and alternating with single rattles of bronze, steel and copper because each drum (or almost) must “scrusciare”, or make noise. The processed leather is made thin or thick enough to give … the perfect sound! To build a […]

To the Boucherie! Otherwise called Vucciria

Shouts of men from across the street, smells that blend together! A vortex of color and noise: the vucciria! from “vuciare”, screaming of people. Before it was the “boucherie” or the meat market, but today you can find everything. Do you prefer a sandwich with panelle or a little of stigghiola roasted on the grill […]

Party Time

When a nice group is created by our guests, it is very fun to improvise parties.. 3, 2, 1 and we are ready!! We have a lot of musical instruments and among the guests there is always a pianist, a percussionist and a singer, the perfect trio! And then all of us, the fantastic out […]


Looking into Google I have discovered that the Karaoke was born in Japan and the word means “orchestra”. On wikipedia we can read that an Italian, Leonardo Polverelli, win the Guinness World Record for a Karaoke Marathon, he has sung 1295 songs for 101 hours, 59 minutes and 15 seconds, waooooo!!! Scientific studies say that […]

Cooking Class with Santo Vitale

Walking to the market with Santo you will be inspired to be a Sicilian chef for a day. Spaghetti alle sarde, parmigiana di melanzane (eggplants), arancine (balls of farcited rice), meat skewers, stuffed vegetables, spaghetti with swordfish, eggplants and tomato … What the market inspires us today will be transformed to enjoy our lunch. Ask […]

West African Percussion Workshop with Bruno Genero

After 12 years in West African musical notes, here comes again in Palermo the maestro himself Bruno Genero with a seminar on Bass Drums and Djembe #Who’s  Bruno Genero CV: A virtual Djembe, Bruno Genero represents the European Comunity part of the ”Prima Biennale Internazionale” percussion in Conakry (Guinea, 1999) with includes experts like Mamady […]