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Liutery Workshop with Santo Vitale

#The Workshop Come to Palermo to know how to handmake musical instrument with our Resident Artist Santo Vitale, you can choose among: Tamburi a cornice tamburello siciliano tammorra rik tamburo a cornice quadrato Tamburo da parata Djembe Cajon #Who Is Santo Vitale He’s an Artisan: Everything sounds !  this  is  his  motto 🙂 hence  the […]

Workshop with the djembefolà Sana Camara

#Djembe and Drums Workshop di Djembe whit the djembefolà Sana Camara Sana Camara is a talented and extraordinary djembe player from Conakry, Guinea. He grew up in a family of traditional musicians (his father, Mamadou Camara Nylon founded the Ensemble Instrumentale de Guinee) and learned to play in Dixin and Matan areas, while being taught […]

African Dance Workshop with Fatoumata Camara

#African Dance Workshop whit Fatoumata Camara Fataumata Camara was born in Conakry, Guinea, in 1981 by a family who has art in the blood. The mother has an important name, Kouyate, a great family of traditional African musicians, while her father is chosen by Sekou Toure during the “Cultural Revolution” of the 1960s and brought […]

Experiencial Tourism: interview with Claudia Vitale

Do you already know what is Experiencial Tourism through  Art and Music? We interviewed Claudia Vitale, owner of “A Casa di Amici” Boutique Hostel, to talk about this interesting cultural proposal What’s experiential  tourism in Musical-Arts ? ”Experiential tourism in musical-arts could be defined as a moment of sharing experience for the ”Traveler” who visits […]

Walk of Francigeni : The pilgrim’s complete guide

All there is to know about the ”walk in Sicily  and the association ”Amici Francigeni di Sicilia” # The birth and how it works with the ”Cammini Francigeni di Sicilia” ”Wasn’t the Via Francigena located in the Tuscany? ” ”Cammini Frangeni? Is it similar to the walk of Santiago?” These  are simple questions made by […]