Chiara Ceccarelli – Residence of Artist 2022

In November we had the pleasure of having Chiara Ceccarelli with us for the Artist’s Residence who embellished the two largest dormitories of the hostel with her paintings. We will briefly tell you about her experience and explain how the artist residency works.

Who is Chiara Ceccarelli:
“I arrived at A Casa di Amici one could say by chance (although I don’t believe much in chance) and I found a family. I’m Chiara, I live in Tuscany, painting is what I do in my life. It allows me to live in the present without too many programs. Do I have projects? Yes, too many, but I’m trying to go with the flow. It is not always easy; one easily falls into uncertainties and contradictions. Precisely because nothing is certain, painting gives me the certainty of the fact that I exist and that’s how I have come to paint in Palermo.”

How did you find A Casa di Amici?
“Sicily has always called me.
One day I decided that I would leave for this extremely fascinating island full of feelings.
I googled “Residenza d’artista Palermo” and the first result that appeared was the hostel “A casa di Amici”. I briefly described to them the idea that has been with me for some time: painting pieces of sky on the wall.
The “A Casa di Amici” team welcomed the idea with enthusiasm, and I immediately bought the plane ticket. On November 13, I set foot on Sicilian soil for the first time.”

Are you satisfied of the project?
Chiara laughs and says: I wanted to paint pieces of sky on the wall but “The boa ate the sky”, as a dear friend of mine exclaimed! (laughs)
An echo from childhood and from reading “The Little Prince”, a sky full of stars that light up as the light, in the room, changes.
What’s bigger than Heaven? When I look at the sky it is never the same, it changes, it gives the feeling of spaciousness, of freedom, it gives the constant confirmation that, light and dark alternate in a dance, outside of me and inside of me. Painting a sky on a wall becomes a feeling of opening onto what symbolically limits and closes: the wall.
In another room, in the following days, a “Tree” was born, a substantial element for human existence, a pivot that opens the door and turns on the light.
Yup! I’m satisfied! because the travelers who have come and gone have expressed joy in seeing the result 🙂

What did you find at “A Casa di Amici”?
“A Casa di Amici” is a place full of energy where it is possible feel enthusiasm and inspiration.
Thanks friends
See you soon”

Our experience with Chiara:
Chiara had a few days available, in the same time, the entire A Casa di Amici team, actively participated in the total renovation of the rooms.
We had fun! During these days we have also given her a nickname: “Stellina” (small star) for the love and dedication she has had in, making… I think about 300 stars … but we still haven’t counted them all!!! We breathed peace and harmony, she is a loving, creative girl and as she herself says “she always follows the flow of events”.
Thank you 🙂