Common Areas

Sharing is the essence of our life.
Every day travelers meet and find new adventure companions. Our large areas give to the guests the possibility to make friends, play, sing, laugh and have fun. The common room allows people organized in smart working to concentrate on own work in a comfortable space, which looks like a coworking. By chatting during a coffee break, new lifestyles and cultures are understood. The Zen room offers you moments of pure relaxation. You can choose among a shiatsu massage, yoga and meditation, or simply the reading of a book.
Terrace is most popular place 😍, it looks like a quiet garden during the day, where you can have breakfast, plan your days and write your travel diary. The night turns into the special place where strangers become friends, not only by telling their past story but also by sharing their present experiences. In fact, it often happens that they decide to continue the journey together or cancel their plans to stay here with us.
Each traveler will be able to tell a story, by cooking the own typical dish, and will be able to test themselves in the preparation of international foods. As matter of fact, kitchen offers the opportunity to compare various cultures at the table.
Our bar offers to everybody the opportunity to choose among a soft drink, good Sicilian wine and tasty and colorful cocktails, which accompany dinners, chats with friends and musical improvisations well. In case the wine was too much 😂 the next morning you will find a good espresso with different varieties of breakfasts.
The day of departure, the luggage store is at your disposal, for who want to enjoy Mondello beach to the very last, or visit some monument, once got back..greetings to the friends met in the hostel, the promise to return and a bag enriched by the new experience.

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