Common Areas

There’s nothing better than having spacious common areas to socialize with other travelers, make new friends and exchange adventurous stories. The use of the kitchen is available for everyone to cook and to share just not time but also share different dishes such as pasta alla norma to French ratatouille. Each traveler cooks a typical dish from their origin to transmit and exchange traditions in order to create a tasteful journey.

The hostel has a bar where you can taste good Sicilian wine, a scrumptious taste of espresso or a cocktail and attached to the bar is spacious terrace and a smoking area.

We are Eco-friendly, hence at our terrace you’d find differentiated rubbish bins provided to enhance the recycling movement, we thank you in advance in the name of all those that participate in our artistic music lab, we sometimes transform the recycled materials into musical instruments.

The environment has its charm, very colorful and expressive with the musical instruments, an artistic journey that leaves the soul and the mind satisfied.

What else to say, if you have the need of working or contacting your friends through social media you can use the PC available for guests or our free Wi-Fi connection.

We are waiting for you.