Day trip: The Zingaro Reserve

If you want to swim in the sea and don’t know where to go, the Zingaro Reserve is the ideal place! At least once a year we all go for a walk in the reserve, on climbs and descents framed by a flowery Mediterranean scrub. Special orchid, dwarf palm that was used to build baskets and chairs and in your backpack the precious and fragrant “cunzato bread” of Scopello!

The coves where you can swim have clear water and an infinite number of fish to be observed while snorkeling. On the path we can collect and nibble carob pods, sweet and sugary with which the typical throat candies are produced!

The history of the Reserve has just as much charm… it is the first that was established in Sicily and was born from the will of people and associations to defend the coast from the construction of a coastal road. Sometimes man, instead of destroying, retains!

But the Gypsy … What does that got to do with it? Do you think there were gypsies? Someone rumored of rebels and resistance hidden in the caves of the high paths … none of this.

Zingaro is the name that, traditionally, was attributed to the Contrada della Disa, in the heart of the reserve. According to the most common etymology, the term derives from the Greek athiganos, “untouchable”.

A jewel that seems to be preserved as it is.

I would say that from today you will have another reason to visit Sicily!