Life without music is not life

“Life without music is not life”

cit. Friedrich Nietzsche

Since we really believe in it, we would like that your moments of greater carefree, on vacation, you could live them with the company of music.

A casa di Amici” is focused on the theme of music, we have a collection of 180 musical instruments, which will inspire you to compose music.
Many of these instruments are handmade by Santo Vitale, in particular the Sicilian tambourine, a typical instrument of our tradition.

Music is socialization and at “A casa di Amici” you can come and take part to drum circle.
Don’t worry, our spaces are wide, a maximum of 14 people will be able to participate in our next drum circle; to socialize and enjoy is possible also at 1 mt of distance:) and we’ll be happy to do it!!!

We wait for you to give you a moment of shared happiness through rhythm, book on and use the promocode freetotravel ; hoping we will be able to travel in June.


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