The Experiences

Are you organizing a trip to Palermo, and you are want an unforgettable experience follow our advice.

For an experience between Art, Music and good cuisine headed by Santo Vitale, you can take part in our drum circle or in our musical instruments craft lab.
If you’re a group you can be part of our art music-lab, where instruments are crafted using recycled materials and the finished products are then played by everyone together in a circle.
Our facilitator will simply guide you on a musical trip, taking you from an initial chaotic rhythm to composing a masterpiece by a grand orchestra.
For the food lovers, we invite you to partake in our exclusive cooking class, mainly traditional and typical dishes from Palermo.

This is what we propose as a tour guide to Palermo.

You can choose the suitable day for you:
a tour guide through to the historic city center, a street food taste itinerary, the movida tour through to the pubs in the evening.
Also are you a lazy traveler or you have a limited time to visit the whole city? Then hop on the city sightseeing bus!.

Have you ever dreamt of flying? This is the perfect moment to explore the Sicilian sky.

Experience our hospitality
Waiting for you

The drum circle is a movement born in the United States with the aim of bringing together, people who do not know each other from differents ethnicity, age, social class, people who have never played a musical instrument and musicians, it is an open space used as an instrument of aggregation, our hostel is one of the best places to do drum circles.
Yes it’s true, we have a vast collection of musical instruments but we never said that you can’t play them, so come on, all together to share the energy of rhythm. To each his instrument and then, magic ????

Come and visit us to attend our social dinner.

Our chef will prepare a plate of vegetarian pasta to make everyone happy!

Do you want to make a drum and know the basic rhythms?
Take part in a Lab with the artisan Santo Vitale.

  • Facilitator: Santo Vitale
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Where: “La bottega delle Percussioni”
  • Included: the finished drum
  • Languages : italian and english
  • Prices: 400.00 €

Choose your instrument between Tamburello Siciliano, Djembe, Cajon

Trust – Listening skills – Tolerance – Interconnection – Self Recognition – Efficiency – Self Awareness – Dialogue – Friendship – Responsibility – Division of Roles – Objective

Maybe you never thought that these values can be optimize with art and music, come and try with you team J

Facilitator: Santo Vitale

Duration: 2 days

Venue: “La bottega delle Percussioni”

The project is divided in two phases:
– Artistic:
participants will be provided with recycling and non recycling materials to create music instruments
– Musical:
from the chaos of musical improvisation, the participants will be directed by a facilitator in a course that’ll lead them to listen and compose music masterpiece like a grand orchestra

Would you like to cook typical Palermo food?
Join us to a cooking class 🙂

Duration: 11:00 – 15:00
Where: Hostel
Included: Lunch – Water – 2 glasses of wine
Languages: Italian, English

Days: on Monday and Friday 10:30 on Saturday 15:30
Duration: 2.30-3 h
Meeting point: Tourist Information Office in Piazza Bellini

Itinerary: Piazza Bellini, Church of Martorana, a baroque church (Santa Caterina or San Giuseppe dei Teatini or Casa Professa), Piazza Pretoria, Cassaro and Cathedral.

Not included: entrance tickets
Languages: italian, english

Children up to 12 years free.

Other itineraries

Days: Everyday except on Sunday
Time: 10:30 – 14:30
Meeting point: Teatro Massimo

Included: walking tour, foodie passport gadget, street food tastings (at least five guaranteed), tasting of typical seasonal products (ex: bread, olives), glass of local wine and cannolo.

The itinerary doesn’t include food for vegan and people allergic to gluten.

Languages : italian and english

The itinerary winds through the alleys of the historic center for about 3 km, Piazza Verdi, the Capo market, Piazza S. Domenico, the Vucciria market, Piazza Quattro Canti, Piazza della Vergogna, Piazza Bellini and Cathedral.

After an happy hour at the hostel, you will discover how the local people spend their night time and socialize with new people on the streets of Palermo accompanied by one of our staff.

When: on Friday
Time: 19:30 – 23:30
Start: hostel Finish: we never know
Itinerary: historic center
Minimum age: 18 years
Included: happy hour, 1 beer or 1 glass of wine, 1 shot, guide
Not included: alcoholic drinks in pubs and entrance tickets if necessary
Languages: italian, english, french

If you have limited time to see Palermo or you are very lazy traveler 🙂 use the city sightseeing bus.

Piazza Castelnuovo, 300 m from the hostel

Buy your ticket at the desk.

Have you ever dreamt about flying?
If you like to explore the sky don’t miss the opportunity to fly around Palermo.

Offer and Costs:
Tandem paragliding flight with official Aero Club pilots from Italy
Certificate of “Baptism of the air”
Shuttle service from landing to take-off location
Full insurance

On request
photos and videos of the entire flight in HD and delivered on DVD for € 50.00 per person.
pick-up from the hostel: € 20.00 per person

Create your city tour, visit the link by clicking on the image