Experiencial Tourism: interview with Claudia Vitale

Do you already know what is Experiencial Tourism through  Art and Music? We interviewed Claudia Vitale, owner of “A Casa di Amici” Boutique Hostel, to talk about this interesting cultural proposal

What’s experiential  tourism in Musical-Arts ?

Experiential tourism in musical-arts could be defined as a moment of sharing experience for the ”Traveler” who visits a new city and seeks to live vividly with the locals of the place the arts and the experiences they offer. ”

What intensely convinced you to divulge on your three passions, music, hospitality and craftsmanship?

Well it’s a long cause …. this is basically my life!!

In any case, what really motivated me was the desire to offer to the international touristic market an innovative vision with music and art integrating tools of inclusion such as knowledge, sharing and cooperation between people of diverse cultures.

To think that a traveler during their  journey ”experience”  is able to construct, paint, drum and study for eg: the expression of a tambourine in our culture I believe is an incredible emotion not to be underestimated since the times  of the Arabs till our time now and music comes with a lot of  benefits  in terms of psycho-physical  well-being.

In this atmosphere of personal and relational instability, music plays more of a connecting role,a tool capable of destroying all the blocked energies suffered by each and  everyone of us. When I say blocked energies I simply refer to emotional conflicts, those strong emotional experiences we all endure in life that impede the free flow of energy in us.

These continuous blocks or ”evil spells” that grow in us turn to weaken  and lower the defense of our body. Sound is energy and intervenes by dissolving these blockages due to the resonance effect.

Music works physically and psychologically: the sound strikes  diverse parts of the body and the melody created, naturally activates mental associations and transforms emotions into movements

Music has the objective to bring together people unknown to each other and stimulate between them the mood of  tensed instinctive  cooperation

To  achieve personal and group equilibrium.

The use of music in fact generates human energy and with consistent practice has it’s own beneficial effects, avoiding the somatizzation  of emotional conflicts within the individual (curing fears and diseases).

This experience aids to relax, equilibrate, communicate, unite, discover, touches, liberates, to know and above all understand how powerful music is and how essential it is in our daily lives.

The ”organized” sounds provokes vibrations that arrives directly in us. The purpose is to utilize  music in a healthy way to the body and the soul, beginning from human needs. Utilizing the method of Drum Circle aids to attain this.

Drum Circle is a type of an active music-therapy. It’s principal objectives are integration and communication. These are stimulated through the mediation of sound or a produced auditory, in a circle, in which a person express him or herself accepted by others in the circle through the means of a song, corporeality expression and musical instruments.

Drum Circle is set to promote a spontaneous and instinctive form of corporation, which unconsciously and implicitly permits every participant to abandon their breaks, their stress and confront their barriers

Coordinating with many people to relish an harmonic rhythm focusing on the instinct, and improvisation is a useful practice hence to ease the knowledge between persons and favor inclusion, the development of inter-relational capability and reinforcing   cooperative capacity all in lined with objective planning.”

Who do you refer to and whats the focus of this project?

I aim for every single individual but in particular for groups or schools. The purpose is to invent a creative laboratory  for the construction of percussion instruments of specific cultures with recycled materials, a musical laboratory thanks to the technique of drum circle which favors  actively the orchestration and connection between people.

Do you handle this project alone ?


Absolutely not ! This project was developed by my brother who happens to be my life and dream partner… without him all these will be nonexistent!

My brother is Santo Vitale: musician, craftsman, music tutor, president of the Association known as ” Accademia La Bottega delle Percussioni ”, A Drum Circle facilitator adapting the method of Arthur Hull and residential artist of the renowned Boutique Hostel ”A Casa di Amici”

What else to say … make time for yourselves, We’ll be waiting for you!