How to spend time with ourselves

How to spend time with ourselves

Dear friends, in this period for most of us the days have become long, being used to the frenetic rhythms that we generally conduct and that often lead us to neglect our passions, our hobbies, sport and everything we do to dispose of stress or simply relaxes us, it would seem that time passes slowly and that even boredom, which until some time ago we did not know what it was, can become a companion of our days 😅.

Actually the secret lies in looking at the positive side .. we have much more time to be with ourselves, to take care of ourselves and to spend it with what we like to do most. We Sicilians, for example, really like to eat and therefore experimenting with foods that satisfy our senses, sight, smell
and above all taste 😋:
Fresh homemade bread, pizza, pasta, appetizers, main courses and side dishes. I show you our bread, made with our hands.

If you have also done this type of experiments, show them to us, we will be happy to look at something pleasant 😉


To the next time

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