Is Palermo Jazz? Or is Jazz Palermo?

Is Palermo Jazz? Or is Jazz Palermo?

Friday night. The rain washed away the stone pavers in the old town. Embraced by the yellow light of the street lamps, they shone like pearls.

They took us all the way to the Teatro Santa Cecilia. Where the famous drummer Dave Weckl, together with the Jazz Orchestra of Sicily, announced the beginning of the concert season.

The concert dedicated to the legend Buddy Rich conjured up a magical soundstage with a superb performance. A backdrop full of life. A scene full of jazz.

Herbie Hancock once said, “The spirit of jazz is the spirit of openness.”

When I observe Palermo I think of Jazz many times. The dynamics of this city are astounding. The rhythm is wild. Contrast obligatory spice of the day.
Improvisation feels at home here.

Is Palermo Jazz? Or is Jazz Palermo?

Come and discover.

Teatro Santa Cecilia: