Le Vie dei Tesori

#Le Vie dei Tesori
#When: October 2019
#Where: Palermo

If you are an arts lover, we suggest you to come to Palermo in October  to participate at the manifestation of the “Vie dei Tesori”.

Palermo opens the doors of palaces, museums, churches, oratories, gardens, the places are narrated, crossed by urban tours, filled with events.

Visit the website of the “Vie dei Tesori” to know more and come to visit us !!!

Santo Vitale, our craftsman is part of the circuit, he takes you on a journey through percussion read here.
Last edition we made a Drum Circle at the botanical garden 🙂 read here

Sleeping at “A casa di Amici” will be your advantage, book online at www.acasadiamici.com and use the promotional code: viedeitesori19 you will get a 10% discount 🙂

Waiting to show you another part of Palermo 🙂 ciaoooooo


ph: Le Vie dei Tesori