“Ma dove vai, bellezza in bicicletta?” … at A Casa di Amici!

Thus sing the young Palermo men of the market to the beautiful girls passing by bike, because the charm of the bicycle has always been unique and inimitable!

They have been busy days here in our house, and have led to the creation of a super novelty that concerns you cyclists!

Among transports, the bike, we know, is the best. Zero environmental impact, no effort to search for parking and it is a comfortable means of traveling light and covering long distances. It gives complete autonomy on timetables and travel choices, but above all it has non-existent fuel costs … if not some extra good sandwiches in our stomach!

We have therefore created a complete REPAIRSHOP FOR BIKES with parking for your adventure companions!

From now on you will be able to accomodate them comfortably and safely at our house and carry out those small maintenance and repairs necessary for large journeys.

There are many tracks to go! Via Francigena, the cycle path of the Sun or the Godrano-Corleone cycle path through the ancient railway of Ficuzza.

You choose the route, we take care of you and your bike!