Montepellegrino e la Valle del porco – ManuAle Experience

Goethe has called it <<the best cape of the world>>. 😍

Montepellegrino rises in the heart of Palermo city and stands overlooking the Tyrrhenian sea.

It is the home of our patron, Saint Rosalia, the one who has saved Palermo from the pestilence of 1600.

It is an interesting and easy excursion that starts on the back of the ex royal stables.
The path has several plant species of Mediterranean scrub, from carob-tree to the plants used by Palermo’s poisoners!
Walking on you can find ruins with the effigy of the saint and a small pond, il “Saint Rosalia Gorgo”, heritage of biodiversity in which, according with the seasons, you will be able to admire the frogs’ reproduction.

On the top of the mount there is the best panoramic view of Mondello bay and the best air to breathe.

A small curiosity: there is a labyrinth, a present for humanity in a peaceful oasis. (more info at:

We consider this mount a place of peace since it was chosen by Rosalia, which made it her reign, to live a life in contemplation and pray rejecting the idea to be a child bride.

Every 4th of September Palermo celebrates the Saint with a pilgrimage, hiking the mount.
The 14th of July the city is crowded with people for the festino (festival) , celebrating Rosalia with the famous parade on the cart, followed by votive choirs e fireworks.

“And devoted you will not be, if you don’t repeat after me!