Are you ready for a sailing trip?

Don’t lose this experience! You can’t say that you have been in an island if you have never had an experience on boat! Go with our sailors and skippers to discover Mondello and Capo Gallo. Beside sun and sea a lot of tasting food and cocktail to “turn down the temperature”!!! Book your room at […]

Sicily and its Islands :) Book your ferry!

The most interesting question that travellers ask is: Can I see the whole Sicily in 2 weeks? And my answer is NO! I believe that to visit it and fall in love with it, its landscape and architectural beauties you need more or less 2 months or 3 – 4 different trips !!! Beyond the […]

Piana degli Albanesi – ManuAle Experience

Do you know nowadays in Palermo we have 126 different citizenships? From the very beginning the city “all made of harbour = pan ormos” greeted many populations looking for a new home. One of these groups arrived in Sicily is the one of the Albanian, from which the small city in the hinterland Piana degli […]

We don’t have tourists, only friends!

Hostel’s Diary A Casa di Amici, Check-in time year 2021 yes,…there is still the pandemic The interphone rings and a tinkling and energetic voice answers from the reception: “ A Casa di Amici!”. At the beginning you don’t know who will stand in front of you: a crazy musician, an old-timer globetrotter, a guy in […]

Palermo … seaside town

The light blue is the background among the treasures of the Arab-Norman itinerary. Once the fishermen used to live in the seaside village of the Cala (the cove), a small harbour full of sailboat in the heart of the city centre. Nowadays this place has changed but it has not lost its beauty. Vittorio Emanuele […]

Women’s day

Women’s day Sir William Golding, Nobel prize for literature, said: “I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men. They are far superior and always have been. Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater. If you give her sperm, she will give you a baby. If you give her a […]


#esperienzedamanuale It was after a brainstorming about how to tell our island’s story to the travellers, that experience by ManuAle (by the book) was born. They are experiences seen through the eyes of Manu and Ale, the strength of A Casa di Amici Staff. Who are Manu and Ale? Manu is an environmental biologist and […]

A casa di Amici… esperienze online

ECOLOGIA VITALE A casa di Amici, pioneer of experiential tourism, supports the travelers with an online experience. Is it possible traveling from home? If I close my eyes I can imagine landscapes, hills, beaches, castles and i can move myself in the place where I would like to be. If I close my eyes I […]