Guided Tours

Do you like somebody to tell you the history of Palermo? Discover it with Simona, our guide.

Walking Tour Promo | Wednesday & Saturday 9:00 am | Minimum 5 partecipants 15 € per person for 2 hours
Teatro Massimo (outside),Capo Market, the Cathedral, Quattro canti, Pretoria Square, Fontana della Vergogna
Old Town walking tour, 2h about. .Ideal as a first approach to the city, to know the history of Palermo and the main tourist attractions.

Private tours on reservation by your hotel

Palermo Walking Tour | 3h and half / 4h
Teatro Massimo (outside), Immacolata Concezione church, Cathedral, Quattro Canti Square, Pretoria Square, Fontana della Vergogna, Bellini Square, Martorana Church, Ballarò Market
Palermo Family Tour | 3h and a half/ 4h
Teatro Massimo (Outside), Capo Market, Cathedral , Sicilian Puppets, Ballarò Market, Sette Fate Square, Pretoria Square, Fontana della Vergogna ,Quattro Canti Square
An Itinerary for adult and children: the ideal way to discover the city in a playful and fun.
Palermo Life: Food, art and tradition| 3h and a half/ 4h
Teatro Massimo (outside), Capo Market, Immacolata Concezione Church, Museum of Carretto Siciliano, Sicilian puppets, Ballarò Market, Vucciria Market
During the tour the guide will show you the typical products of the local cuisine and the many types of street food that the city boasts.

Palermo Bike Tour | 3h e mezza/ 4h
Politeama Theater, Massimo Theater, Quattro Canti square, Cathedral, Royal Palace, Ballarò Market, Bellini Square , Martorana Church, St. Cataldo church, Pretoria square, Marina Square, Chiaramonte Steri Palace
panoramic bike tour, pedaling through the streets of the old town and stopping in front of some of the most significant artistic masterpieces of Palermo.
Palermo Con Vista(from Jun) durata 2h circa
Massimo theater (Outside), Quattro Canti square, Pretoria square, Fontana della Vergogna, Bellini Square, Martorana church (outside), St. Cataldo church (outside), Cathedral
Charming night tour through the old town's streets , full of anecdotes and curiosities; pausing in front of some of the most important monuments of the city.

Palermo | Monreale: Arabic - Norman Unesco 3h and half | 4h
Monreale Cathedral, Cloister of the Benedictines, Palermo Cathedral, Quattro Canti square, Pretoria square, Fontana della vergogna
An itinerary aimed to discover Monreale and "Palermo Arabic-Norman sites" ,with its artistic treasures in one of the peak periods and cultural ferment of the city, the Norman Kingdom Capital. We will visit some of the most representative Arab-Norman buildings, monuments included in 2013 in the Heritage List UNESCO's world.
Special Tours: Palermo: Baroque | Masterpieces of Serpotta | Mansions | Palermo: Liberty | Street Art Tour
Costs per person for tours by reservation (minimum 2 participants)

Adults € 35
Groups of at least 5 people € 30; groups of min 10 persons € 15.
Family children up to 8 years 5 € for Family Tour and free for other routes; 8 to 18 years € 10.
Young groups of at least five boys aged 18 to 25 years € 15.
Optional extras: Audio system for the bike tour € 2 | rent a bike
The cost of each route excluded we must always understood the tickets to individual monuments.

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