Palermo … seaside town

The light blue is the background among the treasures of the Arab-Norman itinerary.

Once the fishermen used to live in the seaside village of the Cala (the cove), a small harbour full of sailboat in the heart of the city centre.
Nowadays this place has changed but it has not lost its beauty.
Vittorio Emanuele main street, called also the Cassaro namely the road that reach the castle, ends on the Cala.

The Cala inspires me a dimension of peace and holiday.
When I sit there to smoke a cigarette and leave behind the chaos of the city, I fly towards the infinite… sailboats and cruise ships playing on the horizon of the landscape and I fall in love with this scenery of thousand reflexes.

Palermo city faces the Tyrrhenian Sea and has several coastline: beaches, cliffs, coves of rocks… the sea of Palermo is for everyone.

The most populated coast goes from Mondello to Capo Gallo, clear water and very thin sand, but the opposite coastline Romagnolo to Acqua dei Corsari is not far behind.

Thanks to our temperature we can walk at the sea during all the year!

I also add, in my opinion, that for me the sea on winter is the best 😊

Waiting for you.