Boutique Hostel – The Concept


In the heart of Palermo, more precisely a few meters from the Teatro Politeama (Piazza Castelnuovo), you will discover “A Casa di Amici” Boutique Hostel. The only hostel in the city to have a well-defined personality, attention to guest needs, design environments and music-themed rooms.

What defines our identity is to be UNIQUE and NOT REPLICABLE among the hospitality proposals in the WORLD. A new “concept hostel” in which to live experiential tourism and meet each other through music. Our lifestyle is exactly this.. to reawaken emotions and to instill the typical vibrations of the place you are visiting. 

  • Who is the creator of the “A Casa di Amici” project? 

Claudia Vitale, pillar of the business and creator of the project, believes important that art becomes more and more interactive. A simple holiday is no longer enough for the traveler, who needs today an all-encompassing and unforgettable experience.

Our reality is born from this need, which gives to the guests the opportunity to stay with artists from all over the world and to become artists themselves, discovering their hidden talents. 

  • What really makes the difference between ours and the other facilities? 

The collection of musical instruments made by hand by Santo Vitale,  inside the structure, will fully capture your attention, transforming you into a beneficiary of a contemporary exhibition. You will not only to observe them! You can also buy or make them by participating in a workshop. The artist Santo Vitale, co-founder of the concept hostel, will accompany you in a direct experience of contact with percussion instruments.

  • Who makes this place the real “A Casa di Amici”?

This house is the fruit of the collaboration of people who have grown up with it and of those who have been part of it for a short time, but who have left their mark. Each of them has contributed with the own personality, energy and experience to enrich and create new faces of the same project. Alessandra Mazzara, an integral part of “A Casa di Amici” for many years. She has seen the company grow and in turn has grown together with it. She has always lived in close contact with all the travelers, creating an atmosphere of familiarity and

a vast network of friendships around the world. She is proud to be part of this multicultural reality, she truly believes in this splendid project that she considers an without comparison lifestyle.

  • What does it mean to grow in this project?

Continuous contact with the world, cultures, and the meeting of diversity broadens one’s horizons and opens the mind to new opportunity. The world become small, it gives you the courage and the strength to pursue the deams of your life. This is exactly what has happened to Clement (beddu nivuru), after many years of collaboration. In his letter that he dedicated to us before leaving, he writes: “family, friendship, emotions, joy, tears, peace, hard work but above all LOVE … all that has allowed us to become integral part of your splendid and wonderful lives..<< You grew up when you learn that art is wherever you want to see or hear it.

  • How do you see the Boutique Hostel of the future? 

I see summers full of concerts on the terrace, artists from all over the world who choose us and who return over the years, as already happens today. Colored murals that cover the entire surface of the facility, as permanet tattoos on the skin, which recall the best  lived moments. “Social approchement” will be the new watchword, which will realize in the organization of events of all kinds, aimed at restore a concept of community. An international network of hostels, whose to be part of and through which to move easily, to become the reference point for young travelers in Palermo. This is the vision of the newcomer to the team, Emanuela Adelfio, a dancer and a lover of rhythm and music.


N.B: We would like to underline that these thoughts we have expressed here are entirely shared by all the people who have been part of the staff and by the guests of “A Casa di Amici”. We kept in touch with them and read all the reviews but, not being able to transcribe them entirely, we became delegate of their voice. We greet you with a wish of our great friend Clementino, “I wish you peace, prosperity and infinite love!”