A Boutique Hostel in the Core of Palermo

In the street of Palermo , Via Dante no. 57 to be precise , almost 100m from the famous square known as Piazza Politeama is ”A Casa Di Amici” the first Boutique Hostel right in the heart of Palermo .

This is a new ”hostel concept” conceived and allocated to new generational travelers, << it consists of the basic format for young tourists with the desire of making their travels , enchanted moments of sharing >>.

” A Casa Di Amici ” is a perfected ambiance, created and uniquely structured for experiential tourism, it paves a genuine and direct invite to meeting others through music and sharing .

The hostel is interiorly decorated with collections of musical instruments owned by the Vitale family and handcrafted by Maestro Santo , who happens to be one of the proprietors of the hostel and as well as an affirmed percussionist celebrated entirely in the Sicilian local scene.

”A Casa Di Amici” is an idea of Claudia and Santo Vitale , two blood siblings bonded with their love and passion for music .

”A Casa Di Amici” is an immersive spot in which <<it’s possible to relish the experience of sleeping in an artwork >> , and enjoying upgraded technology which includes ultra-speed WiFi, the possibility to use the hostel Laptops or the possibility to play all the musical instruments displayed in the hostel , all these are free extra services that one could utilize .

Other characteristics depicted by the hostel internally includes the contemporary design , an art gallery integrated and a Boutique , where it’s possible to purchase home-made souvenirs and hand crafted musical instruments .

We met with Claudia Vitale , a bussiness woman , the idealist and also the brain behind this project , who had all the answers to our questionnaires

Santo Vitale


Musician , percussionist  and a maker of musical instruments . I’m the soul of the hostel

Claudia Vitale


Manager and Travel Expert . I’m the coordinator of this facility and all it’s activity

How would you  infer the definition of ”A  Boutique Hostel” ?

<< A Boutique Hostel  in my opinion should be a museum >>

Art is on the edge of becoming more interactive and immersive for spectators .

Instruments today are not enough for artists, they need to offer more like a 360° type  of experience, a total immersion related to sensational feelings:  It’s all  about  the odor , the scented perfumes and also the auditory part which plays a fundamental role in contemporary art .

Out of  this necessity came forth The ”A Casa Di Amici ” experience, which offers the possibility not only to sleep in a contemporary artwork but also to meet new people and share this unique travel experience .

Is A Casa Di Amici opened to everyone ?

Well certainly i’d say our gate is opened to all types of persons specially persons with curiosity , socially and appropriately educated .

If you’re antisocial or a person who doesn’t pay respect  to others , I think this hostel is not made for such persons.

Just like the name translates ”House Of Friends ( A casa di amici ) ”, to be part of this experience , you’d need to be an opened person or ready to confront others amicably and socially and in our hostel that could be achieved  through music and art .

”A Casa Di Amici also serves and physically fills in the empty  space created by digital reality connected to digital online  traveling and social networks, this reality is inverted to physical meetings .

This way people can  discover our facility and it’s concept  by virtual means  and also by experiencing it in person . You can organize tours,  travel solo or  with friends to experience  unique moments on the Sicilian territory, ( see extra services).

Our hostel is a virtual space that becomes a reality where one can share their experiences through music and contemporary arts .

”A Casa Di Amici ” has realized the participation of many artists active in the music scene.

Do you have any objectives set for yourself Claudia ? Are there any activities in the pipeline ?

<<  Well the principal goal is to make ”A Casa Di Amici” a global household name to everyone , share as mush as possible to to promote experiential tourism .

Also we’d like to build other  ”A Casa Di Amici hostels in other cities and other zonal areas in Palermo .

This is termed a concept hostel which can be replicated in other contest within a hostel , a hotel or a bed and breakfast .

The cost ranges from 18 – 23 euro for dormitory beds and from 20 – 60 euros for private rooms .

Any body interested should contact us to get cracking other  ‘A Casa Di Amici ” experiences.

For other activities, we engage in events, educational trips for schools, laboratories, guided tours which includes the discovery of the famous  cultural zones in Siciliy.

There are so many initiatives we’re involved and still pushing  forward  with >>