Piana degli Albanesi – ManuAle Experience

Do you know nowadays in Palermo we have 126 different citizenships?

From the very beginning the city “all made of harbour = pan ormos” greeted many populations looking for a new home.
One of these groups arrived in Sicily is the one of the Albanian, from which the small city in the hinterland Piana degli Albanesi takes name.

A magic oasis, with a characteristic beauty where another language is spoken: the arbëreshë.

Its musical and vocal ancient byzantine tradition is part of the of Immaterial Heritage Register of Sicily and is recognized world heritage from UNESCO.

According to our modest opinion, its cannoli should be included as well among the world heritage! 😛 They are the biggest and the most delicious of all the west Sicily! The reason is obvious, many nature reserves and green meadows allow abundant pastures and a special and very fresh ricotta!

Thanks to this settlement Palermo could also create the famous granita or better the grattarella! How?
The snow stored in the mountains behind Piana was carried on the beck of the donkeys to the town, through the streets signed by the Madonna of the snow Votive aedicules. Here the snow was grate and flavoured in summer with lemon juice or almond milk. Here we are, the granita is served!

A walk in relax among the fresh mountains of Piana is what we need in summer.
If it is made with a good barbecue at the lake and a cannolo to finish the lunch, it become the perfect Sunday!