Rendez-vous at Teatro Massimo

Among the many things to see in Palermo during your visit, the Massimo Theater is always on the list.

We often pass by to reach the historic center as it marks the beginning of the pedestrian area and the historic center, in its most precious and well-known heart.

It is the largest theater in Italy and the third in Europe, did you know? It is a bit impressive to read it even for us who are used to seeing it every day. Limousines and elephants went up on his stage… as well as obviously singers, musicians, dancers and actors of international talent and prestige.

In front of it, you feel catapulted into a more relaxing atmosphere … and above all elegant! The Art Nouveau kiosks frame the imposing theater that places a high gate and two lions between itself and the spectators, guarding the knowledge and culture kept inside.

The wide staircase, however, invites you to enter, to walk through it and to dive with eyes and ears wide open in the refined beauty that fills it inside.

If you look upwards you can see the frescoed ceiling that … moves! Oh yes, the temperatures are high here and the Basile architects knew it well! They thought of a ceiling that would make the frescoed “petals” move by lifting them upwards to allow air to enter.

This is one of the many curiosities that you can feel yourself by taking the guided tour inside! You will also hear ghost stories and rooms with particular acoustics!

But our friend in the photo, from Ireland and singer, named Michael, decided to enjoy the theater in a different way, attending the show “I Vespri Siciliani”. It seems like a timeless experience, which he was very satisfied with and which he told us with still sparkling eyes!

Now it’s up to you to decide how you want to know his story when you come here to Palermo.

So, we give ourselves …

Appointment at Teatro Massimo!