Welcome To Palermo

"The Capital of Italian Culture 2018"

Our Residence of Artist's is a Multi-Cultural and Artistic place, indissolubly connected to the identity of a unique city: Palermo.

Honored as the ''City's Capital of Culture'' our  ''polis'' is a mysterious place of a kind, depicted fully with street arts influenced by  diverse cultures: Arabic, jew, Gothic and Normandy  influence and to be obviously captivated by the  Greek-Roman art.

It's not a coincidence that Palermo is fundamentally  noted as  a residence  which draws inspirations for artists of international fame with fine artistic products.

"A Casa di Amici" Hostel


"A Casa di Amici"

Instrument, Laboratory, Performance

We accommodate our artists in our facility ''A Casa Di Amici'' a Boutique Hostel in the heart of  Palermo.

Within it walls are, a Percussion Museum, a collection of Musical Instruments and laboratory that allows one to work with ease and tranquility.

"La Bottega delle Percussioni"

Music School, Laboratory

A cultural association dedicated to music and percussion  rhythms, our association is the ideal place to organize music lessons, performance and construction laboratories

Santo Vitale

Art Director "A Casa di Amici" Residence of Artist


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Arthur Hull

"In Palermo I met wonderful people, ready to be in the game and play with me"--> Read More


"Great friends, splendid city and above all music everyday every time, everywhere"

Helena Sofia

"A Casa di Amici was the perfect place for me to draw inspiration and compose my new album"