Residence of Artist

“Leave the Mark”

Are you a painter, a blogger, a video maker, a photographer? How you express your art?

Our proposal is called “Leave the Mark” based on the concept that the American painter TC leaved in our life: “Leave everything better than you found it”

Managing a hostel is a very tiring and we hope that people can live in harmony and serenity. Our contribution was to create the platform of this pyramid and otherwise … you made your music.

We have received a lot of beauty from many people who have passed through here and many have left the mark, a painting, some pictures, a murales, a video …

Is possible read the spirit of the artists who wanted to represent own art in all the corner of the hostel, which I love to call a contemporary art gallery.

Unfortunately we cannot host all the ideas because we are a small company but we invite all those who want to make an artistic contribution to send us their proposal, it can be a video, a murales, an articles on blogs… and in well, be free to write us to

Our accommodation offer is minimum 2 days and maximum 1 week. The artist devolved the opera to A casa di Amici

See you soon!