”A Casa di Amici” artist’s residence: Interview of the Brazilian singer Helena Sofia

” A sense of security, a touch of inspiration and the spirit of sharing are the reasons I chose  Palermo” Helena Sofia’s interview

A Casa di Amici” residence of artist’s

is often a place where artists and musicians  come to lodge to relax and draw inspiration.

In our residence of artists, we received a surprise visit this month from our own friend Helena Sofia, a Brazilian singer who was seeking inspiration for her new album.

She’s plays soul which is mixed with the simplicity of her guitar transpired to the delicateness of her Portuguese.

She’s already composed 4 songs in English, we decided to interview her and from her own mouth explain to us what pushed her to choose Palermo and most especially ”A Casa di Amici” the residence of artists.

The birth of ”Why Not”

Alessandro – One of your many successful songs that became a well known piece in the hostel is titled ”Why not”, how did this title come forth?”

Helena – ”Why not” came forth initially as a joke proposed by Santo, all my lyrics are usually in  Portuguese, and one faithful evening whiles I was performing in the hostel Santo asked me:

”Why don’t you try and write your songs in English?

So everybody else will be able to comprehend your lyrics

I responded with: you really think so?

Santo responded with: ”Why Not?”

And that’s how I came up with the idea to write my first songs in English”

Alessandro – ” OK so let’s talk about the lyrics, this song came forth as a joke, nevertheless we can say in the lyrics you talk about  stuffs  related to the human soul or am I wrong ?

Helena – ” All my songs are always narrated based on true stories, the story of  Why not is based on the life of  a person, it could be any person who goes through moments of life passively without being an actor or better still without feeling the heat of life.

Then  someone comes along the way, someone who asks this person to follow them, to be fearless and simply live life.

This becomes a vital moment in this persons life  where they’d have to choose whether to let go off themselves and live life  or forever be trapped in their fears, all they need is to answer to this query: ”Why Not?”

Alessandro – “Any future projects ?”

Helena – ” Yeah Of course, i’m currently  writing a project adapting the concept of ”Residents of Artist”, should it be approved, i’d have the possibility to travel to Palermo to conduct a  musical research for a period of 6 months all financed”

Alessandro – ”Great,have you got any place of  accomodation in mind? (ironic)”

Helena –  ”Ahaha, obviously here at, ”A Casa di Amici”