Are you looking for changes?

Smart working can represent an opportunity to improve the quality of life.

Working remotely offers maximum flexibility, so if you’re getting bored about your current work environment, ask your Boss for a period of “smart working” to develop your creativity and recharge your mental and physical energy.

In “different” places, new collaborations, new friendships, that can be the right motivation for growth and obtain your goals. Palermo is an exciting city, full of energy, rich in many cultures, with excellent temperatures and lots of good food.

At “A casa di Amici” you can meet people from all over the world, use an excellent internet connection and an office room, you can partecipate to the events of our music school and learn how to play an instrument, creativity and energise are not lacking!

If you are interested to live for a period of smart working in Sicily, please contact us and we will give you the best offer!
email: – whatsapp: +39 3283172205 –
or reserve online dormitory or private room:

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