Stefan Mijic: from Bosnia to Palermo

”A Casa di Amici”  Residence Artist hosted Stefan Mijic, an artist from Bosnia that created a magnificent masterpiece of Murales from the name ”Tomorrow” within our terrace. This is his interview:

“Hi guys, my name is Stefan Mijic, and i am from Bosnia not to be confused with Boston. I’m currently living and based in Dortmund, where I do most of my graffiti art. I’m here now at ‘A Casa Di Amici”, a very great hostel from a moral view.

How i came about the idea ”Tomorrow”, was random, i was walking on the streets and just thinking about how time in Palermo and the whole Sicily is stopped.

The time here stops making the city a very unique city, unlike most cities i have visited, everything’s too fast and eventually the whole world would be fast because of technology.

Palermo is unique because time and everything else around you freezes, and there’s a new experience in the mind and soul each and everyday. Experiences that can help you find yourself and be special in your own way.

Normally everyone lives a a programmed routine life that is home-work , work-home, it’s really demanding, tiring and boring. It’s like were all born to follow this route, which really brings us down, but nevertheless every human has got feelings and can hear when nature calls just like the sound of the wave.

To heed to the call of this nature one sometimes has to move away from big cities and visit places far from modern cities, only then one can hear and listen to nature talk, only then you’d realize nature is really powerful for everyone.

Anyone who heeds to the call of nature finds peace with himself and comes back to the road much stronger.

Nature transformed into the sand and sea, and ships. Most ships have similar representation of the world just like nature represents the world and reminds us of how huge it is and also reminds us of how big and huge we can be in everything we do as humans.

This is the life for most explorers, we are individual stars who try to make it and not be broken by life but rather break life.

So i’d say to you, go one take an adventourous trip to Sicily where there’s much love to live life.”