Tamburine is voice

A strip of wood folded and shaped by the skilled hands of the craftsman. Perforated with care and alternating with single rattles of bronze, steel and copper because each drum (or almost) must “scrusciare”, or make noise. The processed leather is made thin or thick enough to give … the perfect sound!

To build a tambourine with your own hands then, gives even more satisfaction! To Entere the craft whorkshop and being able to smell the wood, feel the roughness of the skin and make sure that each piece fits. Fortunately, the craftsman here … is the host! With him each one can build his own Made in Sicily Tambourine!

Played by the ancient Greek during the celebrations and today also here, at A Casa di Amici. It is not uncommon to see Santo Vitale take a drum in his hand and start running his fingers over the stretched skin of the instrument. Drum and voice together in a concert tell many stories, while all of us, once again children, with open mouths listen and laugh.