The air of Palermo

As you know, our staff is a united group and in addition to working together we are also friends. So I dedicate this post to Alessandra to talk to you about the air of Palermo.

Once we were around the streets at night, on returning from the Blue Tavern and she said to me: can you feel this air here, the air of the night, the air of Palermo? It gives me energy for this I live here!

And besides, she is right … the topic was not only the result of the Pastis but, through the streets of Palermo we give life to our 5 senses:

Smell: the smell of the sea … Yes, in a chaotic city like ours, you can sit at the Foro Italico and read a book by the sea.

Taste: a mix of flavors of a living land, of zero km products to taste, Sicilian lemons and its grattatella, panelle and crocchè, coppi of fried fish, desserts that push your diabetes at 600 … it’s almost lunchtime … I must stop!

View: In this city you can admire the beauties that the Arabs and the Normans have left us, in fact we are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, up to the Art Nouveau beauties of the Florio family with the Villino Florio and the magical Via Libertà.

Hearing: the Palermitans like “abbanniari”. It means that to sell their products the Palermitans start shouting.  For example, how would you notice the sfincione if you wouldn’t hear the little man shouting “accattativillu cavuru è”! ahhaha (Buy it, It’s very hot!)

Touch: I would say that we are famous for the dictum “u ziu vasa vasa” (the uncle who kiss and kiss). He is the little man who, when he sees someone, the first thing he does is to kiss him. Because of our “mixed” origins we are a warm population who embrace and kiss each other!

So if you want to set your 5 senses in motion, come and visit us, you won’t regret it !